Thursday, February 28, 2019

Unbeatable Brick #4 Is On Sale NOW!

That's right! Unbeatable Brick #4, with amazing art by Dy-no-mite Donnie Page is available in .pdf  format via Drivethru Comics! It's our Malleable Master of Molecules doing his action-packed thing against the monumental menace of...Volcanus, the Mountain That Walked Like a Man!

Sunday, February 10, 2019

A Brick, a Miracle, and a Paragon--all for you!

I've been away from this blog for a little while, but it's because I've been working! Besides writing, I'm lettering the books I do. It's a lot of work and a lot of learning, but I love it! But that's not what you're here for, is it? Check out the comics I've had the pleasure to write and (sometimes) letter...

Max Miracle has made his debut in Fun Adventure Comics #14 from Will Lill Comics. I wrote it, the magnificent Joe Koziarski (Joe Koz) illustrated it, and publisher Warren Montgomery lettered it and did the cover. If you like sci-fi super-heroics, you're gonna dig Max!

Unbeatable Brick #3 is also on sale from Surprising/Lucky Comics! JW Erwin plotted and did the art on this powerful mini-epic. Brick has to break free from the clutches of the Iron Baron and... Elektrisch!

Blue Moon Spotlight #2 just went on sale, too! This one features art by Jesse Landrum of Space Pilot fame. It's a blend of Twilight Zone and Adventures of Superman featuring "Paragon...Earthman!" The stunning cover is by JW Erwin!

Coming soon to Blue Moon Spotlight: Kragor! Night Spider! Guns & Rosa! And I just picked up a new title to write for Lucky Comics. Ever heard of this guy?


Saturday, November 10, 2018

Blue Moon Has Risen and Brick Is Still Unbeatable!

I'm back with more comicbook-writing news, my fellow comicbook fiends!

First off, thanks to Will Lill Comics for publishing my short horror story "Doomshadow" in Fun Adventure Comics! #11. Ian Groff knocked it out of the park with his art on this Warren-magazine-inspired short shocker. And a very special thanks to Michael Housel for his most righteous review of that said mag on his bodacious blog Bizarre Chats! Order your copy of FAC #11 here!

Next, the first two issues of Unbeatable Brick are on sale now! Created by Mark F. Davis, Published by John Helmer/Lucky Comics (under the Surprising Comics imprint), written by me, and dynamically drawn by David Johnson Jr. (ish #1) and JW Erwin (ish #2), with the remarkable JW providing covers for both issues. Unbeatable Brick is your favorite new super-hero. You just don't know it yet! If ya don't believe me, just ask Michael Housel (who has the best taste in comics I've ever seen!)--or just read his review on the great Bizarre Chats blog! You can order your own copies of #1 here and #2 here!

The biggest news, though, is...BLUE MOON COMICS IS BACK! Blue Moon Spotlight #1 features a revised version of the ORIGIN of Midnight Stranger, baby! Brand new cover by MS artist supreme Joe Koziarski! It's on sale NOW, and you can get all the info (and a sneak preview) by heading for the Blue Moon Spotlight blog--or you can just take the plunge and order your copy via DriveThruComics right now!

Lest you think that mini-avalanche of comics is all that's going on, check out these sneak-peeks of upcoming Unbeatable Brick and Blue Moon Spotlight wonderment!
Unbeatable Brick #3 cover art by JW Erwin
Unbeatable Brick #4 cover by Donnie Page and Michael Brewer

Max Miracle cover rough by Joe Koziarski

Future Blue Moon Spotlight cover by Joe Koziarski

The Holidays are just gearing up and so are Lucky/Surprising/Blue Moon! Stay tuned! The best is yet to come!

Monday, October 29, 2018

Where Does the Time Go?

Oops! Didn't mean to let this much time pass between posts! Let's get right to the good stuff...

The finale of Ash-Aman's origin (brilliantly illustrated by Russ Martin)  was published in Fun Adventure Comics! #10...

And the just-released Fun Adventure Comics! #11 brings us my short shocker "Doomshadow" with awesome art by "Eerie" Ian Groff!

But that's not all...Blue Moon is coming back, and Lucky Comics is publishing it! More news about Blue Moon Spotlight coming very, very soon! Stay tuned!

Monday, July 30, 2018

July's Almost Gone, August Is Almost Here, and The Brick Is Still Unbeatable!

Ya didn't think I'd let July slip away without an update, did ya? Yeah, I wasn't so sure either. It's not because things aren't hopping in my little corner of the comicbook world, though. Actually, it's because things are hopping in my little corner of the comicbook world (oh, plus the real-life addition of a brand new gorgeous granddaughter, Joanna Bethany Smith) that I'm so long in posting. Makes you kind of curious about what's happening, huh? Then, read on, Macduff!

Ash-Aman chapter three will appear in Will Lill Comics' Fun Adventure Comics! #9! That magnificent mag will be out around August 15, so don'tcha miss it! Here's the cover for the ish, as well as the superior splash page by the oh-so-talented Russ Martin...

The big news from Surprising Comics, publisher of Surprising Universe, former home of Unbeatable Brick, is that it's now an imprint of Lucky Comics (Beetle Girl et al)! Notice I said that Surprising Universe is the "former home" of Unbeatable Brick? Well, shed no tears! Now that Lucky is publishing the Mark Davis' Surprising heroes, Unbeatable Brick (as well as Skyscraper and Depthon) will be getting their own 8 page b&w mags in the tradition of the Lucky line of comics! That means that, any day now, you'll be able to get your hands (or digits, if you prefer .pdf) on your very own copy of Unbeatable Brick #1! That's right, the origin of Unbeatable Brick from the super-rare Surprising Universe number one-and-only (with awesome art by David Johnson Jr.) will be reprinted in ish #1, then brand new stories, written by yours truly and illustrated by  artists like Donnie Page, JW Erwin, Joe Graves, and more, will come your way starting in ish number two! Dig the covers (yep, Lucky does variants!) to ish #1 by JW Erwin and David Johnson Jr.!

Speaking of Dy-no-mite Donnie Page, he and I have been working on a few more projects that are gonna knock you out! One featuring the public domain hero The Owl...

And, as mentioned above, a brand new Unbeatable Brick tale! Check out this splash (literally, it's a splash!)…

Finally, Lucky Comics publisher John Helmer has made me a very tempting offer to bring my old company, Blue Moon Comics, out of retirement as a Lucky Comics imprint. Is it time for the Blue Moon to rise again? We're gonna test the waters with a rarely-seen Blue Moon superhero called The Luminary. If you like it, there could be more to come. Stay tuned!

Luminary promo art by Eric Douthitt

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Ash-Aman Is HERE!

Fun Adventure Comics! #7 (from Will Lill Comics, natch) officially went on sale yesterday via Will Lill's shop, comiXology, Amazon Kindle, DriveThru Comics, IndyPlanet, and probably some more places I don't even know about. Whether you like your comics in print, .pdf, or in the handy comiXology readery, Warren at Will Lill has got ya covered! Not only do you get to groove to the amazing artistry of Russ Martin on Ash-Aman, but you get cool stories by guys like Ron Fortier, Jesus Marquez, Todd Jones, Bill Thompson, Rodney Lockett, Joe DeSantos, and more!

Don't forget the upcoming Donnie's Pages benefit book to help the marvelous Donnie Page out with his medical expenses as he battles cancer. Here's another peek at Donnie's creations U.S. Flag and Liberty Lad...

While you're waiting for Donnie's Pages, why not contribute to Donnie's FaceBook fundraiser page?

Oh, and here are a couple sneak peeks at upcoming covers for Surprising Comics' Unbeatable Brick! The first is by JW. Erwin (with colors by Rob Shalda) and the second is by Josh Holley! Man, Brick is lookin' great, ain't he?

That's it for now! Next time, I hope to have more on Night Spider, Max Miracle, Guns & Rosa, and a few other surprises. Until then, be on the lookout for Fun Adventure Comics #8 (on sale in July) which will feature part two of the Ash-Aman saga..."Chaos!" Here's Barry McClain Jr.'s cool Brother Bones cover...

...and here's the scrumptious Ash-Aman splash by Russ Martin!

Friday, May 18, 2018

Summer Is Heating Up!

It's new update time!

First up, did you catch Will Lill's Free Comic Book Day preview of Ash-Aman in the FCBD Fun Adventure Comics! 2018 edition? If not, get thee to DriveThru Comics and download it now! (Sports and exclusive cover by the incredible Russ Martin, don'tcha know!)

Ash-Aman's official debut is only a few weeks away in Fun Adventure Comics! #7, and honest to Irving, you don't wanna miss it! It's the most truly 1970s-style cosmic I've had worked on yet, and Russ' art and co-plotting is gonna blow your mind!

Over at Surprising Comics (which is now an imprint of Lucky Comics!), we're still waiting for Depthon #1 (with THREE underwater adventures written by Bronze Age Aquaman scribe supreme Steve Skeates) and Surprising Universe#2 to get their finishing touches, but here's something to keep your interest piqued:  another sample page from my Donnie Page illoed Depthon story and another page from my Unbeatable Brick story with art by Josepth Graves and Donald Willman...

Speaking of Unbeatable Brick, JW Erwin is still rocking the pencils and inks on our two-part shocker (slated for Surprising Universe issues 4 and 5). Here's his cover art and mock-up for ish #5 (though it could appear on #4--we'll see)...

JW and I are still hard at work on the Night Spider mini-series, and believe you me, this is another comic that's gonna blow your socks off! Here are some more of JW's design pages...

And finally, as I mentioned earlier in this post, Donnie Page knocked it out of the park (as he always does) with his Depthon pencils. Soon after he finished work on that story, Donnie learned that he has Stage 4 Prostate Cancer that has spread to multiple organs. Donnie has set up a FaceBook Donations page where you can contribute to help him with his medical expenses as he fights his cancer like the super-hero he is. As soon as we learned of Donnie's situation, a whole bunch of his pals from InDELLible Comics, Surprising Comics, Lucky Comics and Charlton Neo pow-wowed on the best way to help our uber-talented naturally t'was decided to do a benefit comic featuring Donnie's own work, as well as art and stories from some of his favorite comicbook folk. I can't go into a lot of detail here, but Colnk Adink, Jim Ludwig, Mark Davis, Stephen Butler, and many others are putting together a sure-to-be-awesome benefit called Donnie's Pages! Stay tuned for details, but I can tell you that it's gonna feature at least two tales that Donnie and I have collaborated on: "King of the Hill" (thanks to Charlton Neo publisher Mort Todd for coloring and lettering it--as well as letting us use the story prior to it being published in an upcoming Charlton Neo mag)...

...and Donnie's own creation, U.S. Flag and Liberty Ladd! Get this: the page below (as well as the whole U.S. Flag story) is brand new, astoundingly penciled by Donnie as he takes his meds and prepares for chemo. I TOLD you Donnie's a super-hero!

Remember, you don't have to wait until Donnie's Pages comes out--you can help him RIGHT NOW by following the FaceBook Donations link. Thanks in advance for your generous help!