Tuesday, September 5, 2017

On Sale Now!

Check it out! Three comics with my stories in 'em are on sale right now, with more on the way!
From Will Lill Comics (available in print via IndyPlanet, and digitally via DriveThru) come issues 3 and 4 of Fun Adventure Comics! Midnight Stranger leads off issue #3, while Kragor and Black Rose fill the back 2/3 of ish 4! Art by Joe Koziarski, Louis Sollune (aka JP Dupras), and David Vance!

(And just 'cause I love ya, here's taste of my story in FAC! #5 on sale soon: "Snake Eyes" with art by Ben Ferrari...)

Also, Surprising Universe #1 is now on sale! Only 200 copies in print, available directly from publisher Mark F. Davis ($7.50 post paid via PayPal at markfdavis1@yahoo.com)! I love writing Unbeatable Brick (the big red guy on the cover), and I hope you enjoy his origin story!

 Stay tuned! Lots more stuff is in the works!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Get Your BAM's Right Here!

A lot of ground to cover, so let's get right at it!

BAM! Today is my main blog, Diversions of the Groovy Kind's ninth anniversary. I never dreamed it would last this long--and it's still going strong. Wow!

BAM! Issues 3 (featuring Midnight Stranger part 3) and 4 (featuring Kragor and Black Rose) of Fun Adventure Comics are soon to be in print at Indy Planet and are currently available in .pdf through Drive-Thru Comics. Issue 3 is also available digitally through comXology. Way to go publisher Warren Montgomery!

And that's not even hinting at the ka-razy new concept Midnight Stranger artist Joe Koziarski and I are cooking up!

BAM! The first issue of InDELLible Comics' All New Popular Comics has hit Amazon, and it looks great! I'll have a feature in the third or fourth ish of PopCom featuring a brand new "Golden Age version" of The Voice!

BAM! We're closing in on a publication date for Surprising Universe #1 featuring my Unbeatable Brick origin story. Here's artist "CoInk Adink's" awesome cover:

BAM! Incredible Ian Groff has completed the art for our brand new Kragor adventure, and it looks amazing! Here's the inked splash:

"The Ballad of Setoora" will be featured next year in an issue of Will Lill's Fun Adventure Comics! Not only that, but Ian and I are working on a short horror story in the Creepy/Eerie mode that we hope will see print soon!

BAM! Remarkable Russ Martin has completed the pencils and inks on the first chapter of Ash-Aman and is creating even more phenomenal pages for chapter two! Check out the splashes for parts one and two...

BAM! Dynamic Donnie Page is working with me on a short sci-fi/horror shocker which we hope will be the first of many collaborations. Donnie is the Buscema Brothers and John Romita, Sr. rolled into one! Check out this page...

BAM! Daring David Johnson Jr. and I are working on a brand new split book featuring two brand new characters that have us very excited: the cosmic hero Captain Beyond and the cybernetic spy Agent 31! Here's a promo piece that's a work in progress, but too spectacular for me to keep under wraps:

BAM! And, oh, yeah...Publisher John Helmer has given me permission to destroy the Lucky Comics Universe (featuring Beetle Girl, Black Bat, and U.S. Jones) in...The Unlucky! Stay tuned!

BAM! That's not ALL that's going on in my comicbook world, but that should hold you for now! Hopefully next time I'll have updates on Fantastic Giants and G.R.U.N.T.--and probably even more cool stuff! Meantime, I still need an artist for my western Guns & Rosa!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Kragor, Ash-Aman, and G.R.U.N.T.! Oh, My!

What's up, y'all! I've almost let June slip by without a post on what's going on in my little corner of the comicbook world! Letting a month go by without mentioning what's going on would make it seem like...nothing's going on! (That made sense in my head...) Ahem. Stuff is going on! Here it is:

Midnight Stranger in Fun Adventure Comics #3, and that magnificent mag is available digitally right now via DriveThruComics! It'll soon be available through comiXology and in print through IndyPlanet, too! And very soon, FAC #4 will be out with a classic Kragor story, so thank's Warren Montgomery and Will Lill Comics for making summertime Fun Adventure Comics time!

Speaking of Kragor, Incredible Ian Groff has completed the pencils for a brand new Kragor tale, "The Ballad of Setoora!" Here's a little teaser of a page for you to drool over...

Remarkable Russ Martin has completed the pencils for the first chapter of Ash-Aman's origin and is now inking away! Prepare to have your mind blown by this gorgeous splash page...

Wondrous Wes Wedman has teamed up with yours truly to create a brand new hero called G.R.U.N.T.! What is G.R.U.N.T.? He's a soldier...he's a zombie...he's a man who's been "Genetically Re-engineered with Ultimate Nano Technology"...and he's gonna knock your socks off!

Oh, yeah, more big news: I'm going to be contributing a brand new/retro feature to a future issue of InDELLible's All-New Popular Comics! We're doing an old-school story featuring an old-school character called...The Voice!

And, as always, I'm still looking for an artist for my western Guns & Rosa. I also have a few 5-6 page one-off sci-fi and horror comics if any artistic type out there is interested in just a fun little diversion...and I have some cool new super-hero ideas as well! If you're an artist who loves to draw good, old-fashioned comics with a twist, send samples to: thegroovyagent@yahoo.com ! Pax!!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Kragor, Midnight Stranger, Unbeatable Brick, and Fantastic Giants Are A'Comin'!

Along with last month's announcements, there's even more excitement in the pipeline! Ready? Set? Go!!

First up, Will Lill Comics publisher Warren Montgomery  has announced that Midnight Stranger part 3 will appear in Fun Adventure Comics #3 in June, then Kragor will be cover-featured in Fun Adventure Comics #4 in July! Happy summer!!

Next, Surprising Comics publisher Mark Davis has thrown caution to the wind and granted Unbeatable Brick his VERY OWN COMIC once Surprising Universe finishes its three issue run. UB artist supreme David Johnson Jr. will continue drawing the series, and he's even created a new villain for the premiere ish! I LOVE writing Unbeatable Brick and I sure hope y'all dig it! Just to hold you over, here's David's in-your-face cover rough for UB's turn on the cover of Surprising Universe #3!

And last, but certainly not least..in fact, this is pretty big! And do I ever mean BIG! My online pal Steven Butler (yeah, THAT Steven Butler) and I are gonna work together (along with co-creator/inker/colorist/editor/honcho Mort Todd--yeah, THAT Mort Todd) on a brand spanking feature for Charlton Neo/Pix-C bringing back that grand old name, Fantastic Giants! Besides bringing back the name the name, we're also re-imagining Son of Vulcan into something totally exciting and new--Robogod Vulkan! But wait, the title is Fantastic Giants, plural, right? Right! Steven has also created a new gi-normous creature with roots in Charlton-past, Kongorr! And me? I get to put in lots of words! The plan is to run Fantastic Giants on online Pix-C and when it's finished, Charlton Neo will collect and publish the entire 30 page epic in it's own print-mag!

Yep, exciting times for yers trooly! I sure hope you join me for the ride!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Even More Comics Are Comin'!

Yeah, there's been a bit of a lull in my stories being published, but things are moving along on several fronts, so get ready for some fun funnies!

First of all, my Unbeatable Brick story for Surprising Universe #1 is almost completed! Artist David Johnson, Jr. set a high bar in the art department, and "So You Think You've Had a Bad Day?" (how'zat for a superhero origin title?) is coming down the home stretch in the lettering department. We should be hearing about a release date for SU#1 from publisher Mark Davis very soon. I've also written the second episode of Unbeatable Brick and will start on the third one, soon. Meantime, check out some more of David's awesome Unbeatable Brick art...

David and I are also working on a brand-new cosmic character called Captain Beyond! We're thrilled with CB's three-part origin story and hope you will be too! It'll be a little while before it's ready for print, but meantime plant your peepers on this taste of wonderment to come...!

Next, I have brand new  Kragor story in the works, this one illustrated by Ian Groff! This might be my favorite Kragor story yet, and I'm' so excited Ian's drawing it!  Ian has a cool style that suits our favorite teen barbarian perfectly! Just check out some samples and see for yourself...

I'm also collaborating with artist Russell Martin (illustrator of Daemon Mask, which you can read in Pulp Adventures Magazine #24--order a copy here) on another brand-new character called Ash-Aman of Atlantis. This is a straight-up fantasy character that I think you're really gonna dig! Check out Russ' designs for the main characters of Ash-Aman's first story arc:

I also have a couple stories I plan to submit to The Creeps (now nationally distributed via comics shops AND newsstands across America! Way to go, Publisher Rich Sala!), so fingers crossed there.

The original Kragor story illustrated by Louis Sollune, the third Midnight Stranger story (illoed by the incredible Joe Koziarski), and the sci-fi/western/horror short-shocker "Snake Eyes" will be coming your way via Will Lill's Fun Adventure Comics very soon, so hang in there!

I have a bunch of stories featuring The Black Spider (for all you fans of pulp-inspired superheroes) and Guns & Rosa (for all you western fans) that I still need artists for, so, artists, don't be shy and send me samples @ thegroovyagent@yahoo.com or contact me via the comments section below.

There's lots more to come--2017 is gonna be a comicbook blast! Stay tuned!

Monday, December 19, 2016

The Comics Are Still Comin'!

What it is, family, friends, and fans! Haven't posted here in a while, but it's not because things aren't happening--they are! Just been buuuuuuusy with other stuff, but still squeezing in plenty of writing. Here's what's happening...

Part three of Midnight Stranger has been illustrated by my co-creator Joe Koziarski and is now being lettered and colored by Will Lill publisher Warren Montgomery for Fun Adventure Comics #3. Here's a the sensational splash page (wip)...

Also in Will Lill news, artist Ben Ferrari is working on a sci fi/horror/western short-shocker called "Snake Eyes!" for publication in an upcoming WL comic. It's my love-letter to Charlton Comics...

The biggest news is that publisher Mark Davis has brought his wonderful Surprising Comics label out of retirement and we (meaning Mark, me, David Johnson, John [Lucky Comics] Helmer, Erik Franklin, Colnk Adink, Ken Johnston, Wiley J. Connor, Mike Waggoner, and George E. Warner) are working hard on producing a brand new mag in the sensational Silver Age Style: Surprising Universe! My pal David and I are working on a brand-new super-hero created by Mark called The Unbeatable Brick, and are we ever having a great time! Who or what is The Unbeatable Brick? Well, imagine if Stan Lee and Bob Haney got together to create a super-hero and you might be getting close! Unbeatable Brick started out as a Thing/Hulk kinda character, but he's gone far beyond that--and I am sure you're gonna dig him! Here's a look at the cover to Surprising Universe #1 (art and coloring by Colnk Adink) as well as the splash of the first Unbeatable Brick story by David Johnson!

Unbeateable Brick, along with Skyscraper (pictured on the cover above) and a few other super-heroes created by Mark are going to combine into a brand new super-team by the sixth ish of Surprising Universe, so if you wanna get in the ground floor of a super-cool, modern/retro super-hero universe, get Surprising!

I'm also working on some short-shockers for various anthologies aaaand I'm working up some new super-heroes, so stay tuned! This blog's been quiet for a while, but it's the calm before the storm. 2016 was one of the most fun and productive years I've had in comics in a loooooooong time. Somehow, though, I get the feeling that 2017 is gonna be even better! Stay tuned!

(P.S. If you haven't already, buy some of my comics! Please? Also, if you're an artist and you wanna work on some cool stuff for some of the most far-out small publishers around, e-mail me some samples at thegroovyagent@yahoo.com !)

Merry Christmas, y'all!!

Monday, September 5, 2016

The Comics Keep On Comin'!

Another month, another little crop of new comics! While we're waiting for the print release of Beetle Girl #3 and Fun Adventure Comics (starring The Midnight Stranger) a little later this month, we're also looking forward to two more written-by-me comics coming in October! Are you ready? Let's go!

 I just learned that my horror short, "Clownin' Around" is scheduled for The Creeps #8, which should be out around Halloween. How fitting is that? The story "stars" a few of my sixth grade students from last school year--they're as excited as I am!  Many thanks to publisher/editor/writer Rich Sala  for making this happen. If you love the original Creepy and Eerie Warren mags, Rich has got the mag for you! The Creeps is as close to those olden days as you'll get--right down to the magazine size and newsprint! Remember, you can by The Creeps online here, or on Amazon, or you can pick it up at finer bookstores like Barnes and Noble!

Then in November, my oldest, most beloved character (tied with Ultimus, natch), Kragor, is back in Will Lill's Fun Adventure Comics #3--and this time...it's in COLOR! Whooooo! And to put the cherry on top, publisher Warren Montgomery, himself, has taken to the drawing board to create the eye-popping Kragor cover you see just below these winsome words!

THIS JUST IN! Golden Era Comics #1 (featuring my Hugh Hazzard and Robo the Iron Man strip, along with other Golden Age greats like The Clock) is coming THIS MONTH!

Things are chugging along, friends and fans! Please support these mags and keep my mission to make comics groovy again alive!