Saturday, August 29, 2020

New Diversions and InDELLible!

Hey, I'm back with another update! 

First off, I sent Diversions #3 to Ka-Blam! for printing, so it should go up for sale on IndyPlanet some time in October (I hope). I'll be uploading it to DriveThru Comics around the time it goes live on IndyPlanet. I'm very proud of our first theme issue, "Crime Busters!" Brand new tales of Night Spider (art by JW Erwin) and Midnight Stranger (art by Joe Koz), plus an edited/corrected reprinting of Black Rose

And over at InDELLible, I have two  stories, both drawn by my late friend Donnie Page coming out in All New Popular Comics #5, which should go on sale in the next few weeks on Amazon. The "King of the Hill" story from Diversions #1 will be published in full color (inks by Ken McFarlane; lettering and color supplied by Mort Todd) in that issue, and a 12 page Owl story we worked on will debut in the issue. It will be in color as well. (Inks by John Gentil, lettering and colors by Kevin Scott Halter.)

I'll keep you posted on the "when" for both these books as soon as I get concrete info. 


Tuesday, August 18, 2020

A Great, Big Update!

Oh, my goodness, I can't believe I have let this blog languish for so long! I've noticed some interest with all the new folks asking to join the Writer of Comics Face Book page and keep thinking I need to do a new post, but then I get (easily) sidetracked and time slips away. Well, here I am with a huge update. Hopefully the first of many more regular posts. ONWARD!

Updates of my newest work in print/digital, Publisher by Publisher: 

Blue Moon Comics

The first two issues of Diversions and Ash-Aman Special Edition #1 are out and ready for your reading pleasure! Issue #1 is available via ComiXology, IndyPlanet, and DriveThru Comics; issue #2 can be gotten via IndyPlanet and DriveThru! I am so very proud of how these books turned out. The artists, JW Erwin, Joe Koziarski, the late Donnie Page, Ian Groff, Greg Rieves, and Russ Martin have given their all--and the amount of talent their "all" is capable of demonstrating just floors me! Hope you dig 'em as much as I do! Visit our Facebook Page, @bluemooncomicsgroup,  for quick updates!

Warrant Publishing Company

I recently had a story published in The Creeps Magazine. I was thrilled to get a sci-fi-centric tale in that awesome mag--and doubly thrilled that it appeared in their 25th anniversary issue! And to top it all off, the story is magnificently illustrated by Martin Peniche! Looks like it's straight out of a 1970s ish of Creepy or Eerie, doesn't it? 

Surprising Comics

The sixth issue of Unbeatable Brick was recently released from Surprising Comics (via Lucky Comics), and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. Joshua 1:9 Holley KILLED it with the art, and Anna Holley rocked the COLOR! Yeah, it's in color! Check it out!

A-a-a-and Josh is working on a brand new Kragor tale for Diversions! I'll let you know when to expect it!

InDELLible Comics

And last (but not least), I'll have stories in the next TWO issues of InDELLible's All New Popular Comics (issues 4 & 5)! Issue #4 will feature two of my collaborations with my late, lamented friend Donnie Page ("King of the Hill"--in color! and a 12 page Owl story painstakingly inked from photographs of Donnie's pencils  by artist John Gentil, with colors by Haltacolor Art.

All New Popular Comics #5 will have a story I wrote three years ago starring The Voice! I've never been happier to wait three years to find an artist, because when you see the art (and lettering and coloring) of Truman Vasco, you're eyes are gonna POP! Stay tuned and I'll share some samples when I get the "go ahead" from InDELLible!

Try my comics! Please? And make sure to visit Blue Moon Comics' website, as well as our Face Book pages to stay up to date on all the comix I'm working on! Lots more to come!

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Back to Publishing!

That's right! It was bound to happen! I'll be self-publishing Blue Moon Comics again beginning in early 2020! Our flagship  title will be a b&w anthology called Diversions! More info to come, meantime check out our (still under construction) website: