Monday, April 4, 2016


More big comicbook writing news! Remember when I hinted before that I was doing a project for Mark Davis' Golden Era Comics? Well, now it can be told! Here's the notice from Publisher Mark about Golden Era #1 (due out this summer):

The first comic book from Golden Era Comics will be The Golden Era #1. Coming this summer, the first story will feature The Clock, brought your way by the towering talent of Art Director Ken Johnston. Ken will handle both writing and drawing duties on the Clock, and is literally referencing every Golden Age appearance of the historic first comic book character ever to cover his face while going after bad guys. Ken will also be providing the cover for The Golden Era #1, featuring the Clock.

The second story in this landmark issue will see another Golden Age great return to print in Hugh Hazzard and His Iron Man. This fantastic story is graced by Legendary Lloyd Smith's script and Dynamic David Johnson's awesome art.

 The third and final story in The Golden Era #1 stars a company owned character making his first ever comic book appearance. With the opportunity to introduce a new hero in our first issue, how could I do any less than land Laudable Luis Rivera to do the art? Luis will bring my script of a character we call The American Symbol to life. All stories in The Golden Era are set during comics' Golden Age. Thanks for reading. More to come soon!

As you can see, I'll writing Hugh Hazzard and Robo the Iron Man (formerly Bozo the Iron Man; Bozo--and beanie--no more)! Here's a look at the Golden Age original:

And here are Golden Era Art Director Ken Johnston's character guides for Robo:

Pretty cool, huh? What I love is that the stories in Golden Era are set in the Golden Age, so we can really cut loose in the Golden Age style! I had a blast writing the first Golden Era Robo mini-epic...and I hope you'll dig it come this summer!

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