Monday, September 5, 2016

The Comics Keep On Comin'!

Another month, another little crop of new comics! While we're waiting for the print release of Beetle Girl #3 and Fun Adventure Comics (starring The Midnight Stranger) a little later this month, we're also looking forward to two more written-by-me comics coming in October! Are you ready? Let's go!

 I just learned that my horror short, "Clownin' Around" is scheduled for The Creeps #8, which should be out around Halloween. How fitting is that? The story "stars" a few of my sixth grade students from last school year--they're as excited as I am!  Many thanks to publisher/editor/writer Rich Sala  for making this happen. If you love the original Creepy and Eerie Warren mags, Rich has got the mag for you! The Creeps is as close to those olden days as you'll get--right down to the magazine size and newsprint! Remember, you can by The Creeps online here, or on Amazon, or you can pick it up at finer bookstores like Barnes and Noble!

Then in November, my oldest, most beloved character (tied with Ultimus, natch), Kragor, is back in Will Lill's Fun Adventure Comics #3--and this's in COLOR! Whooooo! And to put the cherry on top, publisher Warren Montgomery, himself, has taken to the drawing board to create the eye-popping Kragor cover you see just below these winsome words!

THIS JUST IN! Golden Era Comics #1 (featuring my Hugh Hazzard and Robo the Iron Man strip, along with other Golden Age greats like The Clock) is coming THIS MONTH!

Things are chugging along, friends and fans! Please support these mags and keep my mission to make comics groovy again alive!