Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Sound of Opening Doors...

A very happy and excited Writer of Comics is coming at you tonight. This week, I've had two projects accepted by two different professional publishers! Tuesday I got word from The Creeps publisher Rich Sala that he'd be interested in using a five page horror story of mine. When it will appear and who'll be drawing it are pending, but when I find out I'll sure let y'all know! Also, I've been in contact with Roger McKenzie of Charlton Neo and Pix-C about a western strip for Pix-C since Sunday. He's been super-supportive (thanks, Rog!) and tonight, wham! Rog sent me a message saying Paul Kupperberg wanted to see more and that it was time to start looking for an artist. To say I'm a bit excited is like saying Stan Lee is kinda popular!

The point of this post isn't really to brag (well, okay, maybe a little), but to throw the doors open for any of my pals, gals, and/or Groove-ophiles who might interested in drawing a cool new western strip for Pix-C! I'm gonna post my pitch and first week's script (each "week" on Pix-C is a standard comicbook page, btw), and if you wanna try out to draw a cool western and be part of the newest, hottest movement in comicdom (Charlton Neo/Pix-C, duh!), send samples to Make sure you mention they're for Guns N Rosa in the subject line. I'm sure Rog and Paul have some artist samples on hand, but hey, maybe YOU are the best fit for...GUNS N ROSA!


  1. Hello Mr. Lloyd Smith!
    I took a crack at the Guns N Rosa page:

    1. Send samples to Pix-C right away, brother! Great pencils and storytelling!!