Thursday, May 4, 2017

Kragor, Midnight Stranger, Unbeatable Brick, and Fantastic Giants Are A'Comin'!

Along with last month's announcements, there's even more excitement in the pipeline! Ready? Set? Go!!

First up, Will Lill Comics publisher Warren Montgomery  has announced that Midnight Stranger part 3 will appear in Fun Adventure Comics #3 in June, then Kragor will be cover-featured in Fun Adventure Comics #4 in July! Happy summer!!

Next, Surprising Comics publisher Mark Davis has thrown caution to the wind and granted Unbeatable Brick his VERY OWN COMIC once Surprising Universe finishes its three issue run. UB artist supreme David Johnson Jr. will continue drawing the series, and he's even created a new villain for the premiere ish! I LOVE writing Unbeatable Brick and I sure hope y'all dig it! Just to hold you over, here's David's in-your-face cover rough for UB's turn on the cover of Surprising Universe #3!

And last, but certainly not fact, this is pretty big! And do I ever mean BIG! My online pal Steven Butler (yeah, THAT Steven Butler) and I are gonna work together (along with co-creator/inker/colorist/editor/honcho Mort Todd--yeah, THAT Mort Todd) on a brand spanking feature for Charlton Neo/Pix-C bringing back that grand old name, Fantastic Giants! Besides bringing back the name the name, we're also re-imagining Son of Vulcan into something totally exciting and new--Robogod Vulkan! But wait, the title is Fantastic Giants, plural, right? Right! Steven has also created a new gi-normous creature with roots in Charlton-past, Kongorr! And me? I get to put in lots of words! The plan is to run Fantastic Giants on online Pix-C and when it's finished, Charlton Neo will collect and publish the entire 30 page epic in it's own print-mag!

Yep, exciting times for yers trooly! I sure hope you join me for the ride!

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