Friday, July 28, 2017

Get Your BAM's Right Here!

A lot of ground to cover, so let's get right at it!

BAM! Today is my main blog, Diversions of the Groovy Kind's ninth anniversary. I never dreamed it would last this long--and it's still going strong. Wow!

BAM! Issues 3 (featuring Midnight Stranger part 3) and 4 (featuring Kragor and Black Rose) of Fun Adventure Comics are soon to be in print at Indy Planet and are currently available in .pdf through Drive-Thru Comics. Issue 3 is also available digitally through comXology. Way to go publisher Warren Montgomery!

And that's not even hinting at the ka-razy new concept Midnight Stranger artist Joe Koziarski and I are cooking up!

BAM! The first issue of InDELLible Comics' All New Popular Comics has hit Amazon, and it looks great! I'll have a feature in the third or fourth ish of PopCom featuring a brand new "Golden Age version" of The Voice!

BAM! We're closing in on a publication date for Surprising Universe #1 featuring my Unbeatable Brick origin story. Here's artist "CoInk Adink's" awesome cover:

BAM! Incredible Ian Groff has completed the art for our brand new Kragor adventure, and it looks amazing! Here's the inked splash:

"The Ballad of Setoora" will be featured next year in an issue of Will Lill's Fun Adventure Comics! Not only that, but Ian and I are working on a short horror story in the Creepy/Eerie mode that we hope will see print soon!

BAM! Remarkable Russ Martin has completed the pencils and inks on the first chapter of Ash-Aman and is creating even more phenomenal pages for chapter two! Check out the splashes for parts one and two...

BAM! Dynamic Donnie Page is working with me on a short sci-fi/horror shocker which we hope will be the first of many collaborations. Donnie is the Buscema Brothers and John Romita, Sr. rolled into one! Check out this page...

BAM! Daring David Johnson Jr. and I are working on a brand new split book featuring two brand new characters that have us very excited: the cosmic hero Captain Beyond and the cybernetic spy Agent 31! Here's a promo piece that's a work in progress, but too spectacular for me to keep under wraps:

BAM! And, oh, yeah...Publisher John Helmer has given me permission to destroy the Lucky Comics Universe (featuring Beetle Girl, Black Bat, and U.S. Jones) in...The Unlucky! Stay tuned!

BAM! That's not ALL that's going on in my comicbook world, but that should hold you for now! Hopefully next time I'll have updates on Fantastic Giants and G.R.U.N.T.--and probably even more cool stuff! Meantime, I still need an artist for my western Guns & Rosa!

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