Friday, July 8, 2016

The Comics Are Coming, the Comics Are Coming!

It's true! All the talk is about to become reality as Will Lill Comics is officially releasing Fun Adventure Comics #1 (featuring my Alex Miracle and Midnight Stranger stories) on July 20! Warren (Montgomery, publisher of Will Lill) sent me some comp copies and they are glorious! Cardstock covers, high-grade white paper stock, and magnificent colors by Warren. Come on a Fun Adventure with us! (Oh, and for those of you who prefer digital comics, ComiXology will, indeed, be carrying Fun Adventure Comics #1!)

Alex Miracle splash

Midnight Stranger page 2
Also, hot on its heels, comes Beetle Girl #3 from Lucky Comics! BG is scheduled to go on sale during the first week of August, and will be available in both .pdf and print. Beetle Girl is the brainchild of Lucky Comics publisher John Helmer and I love her! She's a sassy, powerful lady, who just happens to be the granddaughter of the original Blue Beetle! In my story she battles a new version of original BB villain the Sphinx, and boy is he a stinker!

Cover art is by Marcelo Trom and Brad Eastburn, and the interior art is by Eric Douthitt! Keep watching the Lucky Comics blog for more info! Why? 'Cause John Helmer and I have co-plotted a super-special comic in which Beetle Girl teams up with a member of...are you ready for this...a member of POWER CORPS! Yep, one of my old Blue Moon super-dupers is making a comeback in Lucky Comics in a special issue of Beetle Girl!
Beetle Girl Meets...? One of these folks...

Still have a ton of stories that I NEED ARTISTS FOR! GUNS N ROSA, KRAGOR, a couple of brand new heroes (one is COSMIC and the other is a crime-fighter in the vein of Daredevil and The Batman), aaaaaaaand I'm working on...the return of The Black Rose!
Join me in some adventures, won't you?

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